Hervé Van der Straeten is one of those designers who has chosen hand crafting over industrial production in order to allow himself both full artistic control and creative freedom.

After studying painting at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Hervé Van der Straeten first gained recognition for himself with his jewellery collections, both under his own name as well as working with fashion. In 1999, he opened his gallery in Paris and launched his collections of exclusive furniture and lighting, which have now become his main activity. Whatever his creations - consoles, mirrors, cabinets,
chandeliers, ceiling lights, scent bottles, or jewellery – Van der Straeten constantly explores a graphic purity and makes radical choices in terms of movement, elegance, and unconventional, unexpected expression.

Hervé Van der Straeten was born in 1965 and is an independent artist-designer. Having first become known for his jewellery creations, Van der Straeten has since gained worldwide recognition for his collections of furniture and lighting, which have now become his main activity. Van der Straeten’s furniture and lighting are instantly recognizable from the way that contrasting materials, bold variations of
form, defiant volumes and pure, elegant lines are combined with perfect proportions. The great precision and meticulous attention to detail with which the pieces are made are also clearly tangible. As well as having his own gallery in
Paris, which displays a selection of both his unique and limited edition pieces, Van der Straeten designs and makes everything in his own dedicated bronze and cabinetmaking workshops. The artist-designer is also known for his projects
with a number of French luxury houses, specialised in glass and porcelain, as well as for his work with the cosmetics and fragrance industry. Van der Straeten has received numerous awards from the French state during his career, including
most recently the L’Entreprise de Patrimoine Vivant and the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.